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Start where you are...


Very Intense Progress

I want a full reset.

The VIP Coaching Package consists of 10 sessions to take you through 3 research-based stages that will lead and support you through the process to make lasting changes.

This option is best if you:

  • desire significant changes;

  • feel frustrated that what you've tried hasn't gotten you anywhere;

  • want personal, one-on-one support; and

  • are willing to devote time and energy to a new you.

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Elevate Your Existence:
90-Day Wellness Realignment

I want a kick in the ass.

Informed by positive psychology, this digital course consists of 12 weekly video lessons centered around the 8 pillars of wellness with activities, resources, and a community FB page for support.

This option is best if you:

  • have (or want!) a holistic view of wellness;

  • feel like your actions don't match your intentions;

  • like the structure of a program with the freedom to make it your own.


5-Day Mini-Course

I want a career spark.

Centered on Sparked by Jonathan Fields, this live mini-course shows you how to make the most of your Sparketype, whether it be for your paid position, side hustle, parenting, hobby, or retirement.

This option is best if you:

  • are at a career inflection point;

  • do not feel fulfilled with your current work; and

  • are not ready to invest the time and money in a one:one coaching package.


Career Compass Report

I want to know: should I stay or should I go?

Take a 10-minute assessment about your work situation, and you will receive a detailed report with thought-provoking questions to help you decide your next move - like having a coach on your shoulder.

This option is best if you:

  • want an unbiased opinion about whether you should remain in your role/at your company;

  • prefer to process the info on your own and in your own time; and

  • are considering career coaching but are not quite ready yet.

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Returning Client Booster

I want a tune-up.

Sometimes we just need a booster shot to rally the antibodies that resist the status quo. Returning clients who feel they're sliding back to their old ways can take advantage of a 2- , 3-, or 4- session pack to do just that.

This option is best if you:

  • were a previous client (within the last 2 years);

  • know what you want to focus on; and

  • don't need another 4-month package.

White Elegant Purple Bow Gift Voucher Gift Certificate.png

Gift Certificate

I want to give the gift of coaching.

Gift certificates are available to use toward any of our offerings so that you can let your recipient decide where to start.

This option is best if you:

  • know someone in your life who could benefit from the programs you see here; and

  • want to be known as "The Best Gift Giver."

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