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I teach people to be the authors of their own lives by helping them write their next chapter, making themselves the heroes of their stories.

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Coaching is a great fit for you if:

  • You feel like something’s missing, even though your life on paper looks great;

  • You are excited to create a future you can look forward to;

  • You are looking for tools and accountability to make that dream future a reality; and

  • You are functioning at a basic level, not in psychological pain or seeking emotional healing.

Coaching isn’t for you (yet) if:

  • You would prefer to talk about how awful your life is rather than take action to improve it;

  • You are looking for someone to tell you what to do;

  • You are not willing or able to make yourself a priority; or  

  • You have a diagnosis that’s not being managed by an appropriate licensed professional.

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In my coaching practice, I’ve helped people:

  • land their dream jobs,

  • improve their relationships,

  • navigate toxic work situations,

  • rebuild their lives after a great loss,

  • reignite their passions in retirement, and

  • identify what it is they really want to do with their lives.

When I’m not coaching, I can be found reading, riding my Peloton, or running.

If you’re dying to know more, most people are surprised to learn that:

  • I write left-handed but am right-handed for everything else;

  • I am a living kidney donor; and

  • I eat a dish of ice cream almost every night. For real.

If you need some help in writing your next chapter, I’d love to work with you! ​

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